Resources for Parents and Educators

Parent/caregiver involvement and support are critical to preventing youth substance use. Parents should know that most kids don’t use alcohol, tobacco or other drugs. And that what you say and what you do matters. Kids are watching and listening (even when they seem to be tuning you out!).

Conversations are one of the most effective tools adults can use to connect with youth.

Youth whose parents talk to them about the dangers of substances early and often are 50 percent less likely to use drugs than those who do not receive these critical messages at home (NCADD, 2015).

Student assistance counselors can help. How do you know if what your child is experiencing is “normal?” How can you tell if the behavior you’re witnessing is typical of adolescent development or something problematic that needs attention? Our counselors are trained in assessment and are able to help students manage normal life challenges. When necessary, they refer families to treatment for more complex issues.

Find out if your child’s school has a student assistance counselor and how to contact the counselor.

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