Other Programs

Varsity Athletes Against Substance Abuse (VAASA)

VAASA is a peer leadership program led by high school varsity athletes who pledge to remain alcohol- and drug-free. VAASA members speak to elementary and middle school students to dispel the myth that all athletes drink. They serve as role models by sharing their reasons for choosing to be substance free and describing how they have fun, maintain good grades and participate in sports. VAASA members explain that it is not necessary to drink to be popular or cool. For more information, contact Colleen Judge at cjudge@risas.org

“Get Out, Let it Out, and Think it Out” Groups For students in select middle schools

These 12-week discussion groups are designed to enhance adolescents’ ability to apply emotional regulation skills. Activities focus on preventing and reducing alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, and other drug use and other risk behaviors. In the groups, students learn about the connection between emotions, behavior, and decision-making and the benefits of reducing the intensity of emotion.

Youth Driven Highway Safety Program

Youth Driven is a traffic safety and leadership program that begins with a kickoff educational summer summit where high school youth develop action plans for the upcoming school year to address highway safety, including impaired and distracted driving. Learn more about Youth Driven.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Coastline EAP’s primary objective is to deliver responsive, respectful, and comprehensive services that meet the highest quality and ethical professional standards. We deliver services that help employees and their family members with the problems of life that interfere with their well-being and their ability to perform their best at work.  Learn more about Coastline EAP.

RISAS is a Recovery Friendly Workplace and an equal opportunity employer.